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Provincial Grand Mast Mark Masons Surrey

Welcome you to the website for Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Freemasonry in Surrey.

I hope that this website will be both informative and of interest not only to Freemasons but also to those merely intrigued.

Within its pages, you will find a wealth of information specific to the Mark degree, its history and development throughout Surrey, and also links to Freemasonry in general.

The Degree of a Mark Master Mason in Surrey is open to all Master Masons and Royal Arch Companions.

The ceremony, in which a Brother is advanced, can be said to compromise of two degrees; the first in which he is acknowledged as a Mark Man, followed by the second where he becomes a Mark Master Mason.

The Mark referred to in its title takes its name from the mark symbol with which the stonemason identified his work and can still be found in many cathedrals and important buildings.


The Degree of  a Mark Master Mason is accessible to all Master Masons.

Make your mark in Freemasonry

The ceremony, through which a Brother is ‘advanced,’ comprises of two distinct Degrees: the initial acknowledgement as a Mark Man, followed by the subsequent attainment of Mark Master Mason status.

The term “Mark” in its title derives from the emblem or symbol used by stonemasons to identify their work.

This mark can still be spotted in numerous cathedrals and significant structures.

Significant reliance is placed on sacred texts to impart guidance to the Candidate and Brethren, using a narrative that aims to convey the underlying message of contemplating human strengths and vulnerabilities.

In terms of its chronological placement, this Degree follows the Second Degree in Craft Masonry.

There is some reputed evidence suggesting that the Degree dates back 400 years, though the earliest English records date from 1769 when it was initially practised in the Chapter of Friendship, Royal Arch Chapter No. 257 (formerly No. 3) in Portsmouth. Notably, a minute book from 1599 of the Lodge of Edinburgh mentions that several speculative brethren had affixed their marks next to their names.

The inaugural gathering of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons convened on Monday, 23 June 1856.

The standard regalia for ordinary members comprises an apron and a breast jewel. The apron is fashioned from white kid leather with a triangular flap, bordered by a two-inch ribbon in light blue with crimson edges.

It features rosettes of the same colour, while Masters and Past Masters have their rosettes replaced with silver levels.

The order’s jewel is a keystone suspended from a ribbon that matches the apron’s colour scheme, displaying a mallet and chisel, the emblematic tools of the Order.

The keystone, engraved with specific symbols, holds a central role in the ceremony.

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The Mark Degree

The Mark Degree is a Masonic degree that is open to all Master Masons. It is generally perceived to be more informal than the Craft Degree, and its members are known for their friendly and welcoming nature.

The ceremony of admission to the Mark Degree is called “advancement,” and it chronologically follows the Fellow Craft Degree. The legend of the degree is based on statements from the Bible, and it teaches the lesson that education is the reward of labor. It also contains a dramatic message about the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

The symbol of the Mark Degree is a keystone, which is a stone that is placed at the center of an arch. The keystone is engraved with certain mystic letters, the meaning of which is revealed during the ceremony. The Mark Degree assists both old and young Masons to gain experience in Freemasonry, and to make their mark on the world without first having been installed in the Craft Chair.


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Meet some of the Mark Degree members from various lodges around the Province.

After 20 odd years, I decided to broaden my ‘friends circle’ in Freemasonry. For me, Mark Masonry was the obvious choice. I had heard so many good things about the degree and how fun it was. It didn’t disappoint when I was advanced into Croydon 198. The Mark degree is full of enjoyment and the RAM degree is simply beautiful.

Dean Stewart

Master Mason, Croydon 198

At the time, I had already joined the Royal Arch but found Chapter quite hard going from a ritual perspective. The ‘old guard’ members of my Chapter didn’t appear to be excited about the order. As usual, I had been approached on many occasions to join the Mark but there appeared to be little substance about what it was, why I should join and where it could lead me on my journey

Des Franklin

Stoneleigh Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 995

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