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The Travelling Keystone Procedure and Ritual


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The Travelling Keystone
Procedure and Ritual

>To Claim the Keystone the visiting WM must stand up with his fellow members, in the lodge and give his greetings in the usual manner, but adding the following:

“I have come to claim theTravelling Keystone on behalf of ……………… Lodge, number …….. in the Province of Surrey”

At the festive board, immediately after the visitors’ toast, the WM will ask all lodges who make claim on the Travelling Keystone to stand up.

The DC will count up and confirm with the secretary that they have all signed the visitor’s book.

There will then be a handover ceremony, a photograph taken, the Passport filled in and a copy of each must then be sent to the Keystone Co-ordinator by the visiting WM.

Suggested Ritual for the Presentation of the Travelling Keystone

The Travelling Keystone or any Keystone is significant. It shows the importance of having faith in one’s own achievements, even if they are not appreciated by other people.

It shows the weakest often display perseverance far better than the strongest and that all have a part to play in the building of life.

I hope that this Keystone will continue to promote the exchange of goodwill and fellowship between lodges in the province of Surrey.

Would you, WM, please accept into your custody this Keystone on behalf of your ……………… Lodge, number …….. and I hope you and your visitors have enjoyed the special fellowship which exists between Mark Master Masons.

Rescuing Lodges must inform the keystone coordinator as soon as possible that they are in possession of the Travelling Keystone.

Keystone Coordinator:
R G Tuthill Esq.
17 Hamsey Green Gardens

07816 522948
0208 659 9860

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