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Travelling Keystone

Promoting visiting – cementing friendships

Surrey Mark Masons

The Travelling Keystone

The intention of the Travelling Keystone is to encourage visits between Lodges in the Mark Province of Surrey.

The Travelling Keystone was made by W Bro John French an AProvGM of the Province of Surrey and presented to Bond of Friendship Mark Lodge on 26 November 2016 at Croydon.

So here it began its journey around the Province of Surrey.

Any Lodge can plan a raid on the Lodge that is in possession to make a claim on the Travelling Keystone and take it back to their Lodge to put proudly on display.

To obtain this privilege there must be three or more brethren.

The Lodge with the most visitors at the meeting will make claim on the travelling Keystone and, providing they have all signed the attendance book, they can take it back to their Lodge after the meeting.

The whereabouts of the Travelling Keystone in the Province will be publicised on the Website.

The Lodge in possession of the Travelling Keystone at the time of the Annual Provincial Meeting will formally hand over the Keystone to the Provincial Grand Master at the meeting.

Later in the proceedings, it will be presented to the Mark Lodge with the highest percentage of its membership attending and dining at the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

It then starts its travels around the Province for another year.

Visit this page to view the record of ownership so you can see where it has been and how many visitors it took to claim the keystone.

The Executive and all Lodge Secretaries will know the whereabouts of the Travelling Keystone at all times. 

Note that the Travelling Keystone must not in any circumstances leave the Province.

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