Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of Surrey

The Travelling Keystone
Ownership Record

Surrey Mark Masons

The Travelling Keystone Ownership Record


Date ReceivedWMLodgeNoVisitorsCoordinator Informed
07.10.22W.Bro Clive GoodePercy Lodge114507.10.22
19.03.22W Bro. Andrew Hardie (at the Annual Meeting)Rose Lodge534820.03.22
18.11.21W Bro. David LawrenceWeald of Surrey Lodge1314519.11.21
11.09.21W.Bro. Max Woodward (at the Annual Meeting)Welcome Mark Lodge1237512.09.21
08.01.20W.Bro. Norman JonesBond of Friendship1576509.01.20
16.09.19W.Bro. Ray Beadle (for the WM)Redhill Mark Lodge1285417.09.19
17.06.19W.Bro. Steve Jones (for the WM)Noel Mark Lodge505418.06.19
16.03.19W.Bro. Wayne Lucas (at the Annual Meeting)Richmond Mark Lodge8081216.03.19
14.03.19W.Bro. Roger Chapman (for the WM)Loyalty Lodge914414.03.19
15.10.18W.Bro. Michael BushbyCoulsdon Mark Lodge1268716.10.18
03.10.18W.Bro. Nigel FelthamCroydon Mark Lodge198709.11.18
18.06.18W.Bro. Nigel GrahamPercy Mark Lodge114518.06.18
17.03.18W.Bro. Gordon Hamilton (at the Annual Meeting)Richmond Mark Lodge8081422.03.18
26.01.18R.W.Bro. Ian ClarkDitton Mark Lodge18577-
06.10.17W. Bro Roger WillingaleCollingwood Lodge1669713.10.17
25.04.17W.Bro. William BrodieWeyside442425.04.17
18.03.17R.W.Bro. Ray Hussey (for the W.M. at the Annual Meeting)Pleydell Bouverie Lodge9551121.03.17
13.02.17W.Bro. Edward HensonNoel Mark Lodge505514.02.17
07.12.16W.Bro. Jack Love (for the W.M.)Hiram Lodge13511.01.17
26.11.16W.Bro. Les BlakePercy Lodge1141426.11.16
Surrey Mark Masons

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