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The Travelling Keystone

Surrey Mark Masons

The Travelling Keystone rules


The intention of the Travelling Keystone is to encourage visits between Lodges in the Mark Province of Surrey. The Travelling Keystone must not in any circumstances leave the Province of Surrey.


The Travelling Keystone will be presented, upon demand, provided the attendance of the visiting Lodge is of four or more in number.


The visiting Lodge with the most visitors will have claim to the Keystone. If two or more Lodges visit with the intention of claiming the Travelling Keystone but have the same number of visitors, and demand its surrender, the Worshipful Master must comply but will surrender it to the visiting Lodge of his choice at his discretion.


Notwithstanding the above, visiting Lodges who are eligible through numbers to claim the Keystone, but have rescued the Keystone in the previous 12 rolling months from the same Lodge, will forfeit that right of rescue for that visit, providing another Lodge or Lodges are in attendance and in sufficient numbers, and demand its surrender. If two or more eligible Lodges (i.e. they have sufficient numbers and have not previously rescued the Keystone from the same Lodge in the previous 12 months) and demand its surrender, Rule 3 shall apply.

The discretion of the secretary is essential in the build up to any visits or raids to claim the Keystone as only he will know the exact figure for each visiting lodge. This must remain confidential until it is claimed.


Rescuing Lodges must inform the Keystone Co-ordinator as soon as possible so that the Travelling Keystone’s whereabouts can be published on the Provincial Mark Master Masons website. Contact details can be found on the last page of the Passport which travels around the Province of Surrey with the Keystone. The rescuing Lodge must also enter their Lodge Name and Number, date and location from which the Travelling Keystone was rescued in the Travelling Keystone Passport so that a permanent record is maintained.

Potential rescuing Lodges may visit the website to discover the present location of the Travelling Keystone.


The Travelling Keystone is intended for circulation throughout the Mark Province of Surrey and cannot be rescued by any Lodge from other Mark Masonic Provinces nor must it be surrendered to a Lodge from other than the Mark Province of Surrey.


The Travelling Keystone remains the property of the Province of Surrey and may be recalled at any time. This recall will not be done unreasonably, but if recalled, the current holders must ensure its safe return.


Lodges intending to claim the Travelling Keystone must agree to the Rules applicable to the Travelling Keystone and it is assumed that those Lodges rescuing the Travelling Keystone have undertaken to comply with the Rules in full.


To Claim the Keystone the visiting senior member of the lodge must stand up with his fellow members, in the lodge and give his greetings in the usual manner, but adding the following:

“I have come to claim the Travelling Keystone on behalf of ……………… Lodge, number …… in the Province of Surrey”.

Each visiting lodge will do the same. At this time no comment will be made by the WM, but the secretary will note all claimants.


At the festive board immediately after the visitors toast, the WM will ask all lodges who make claim on the Travelling Keystone to stand up. The DC will count up and confirm with the secretary that they have all signed the visitor’s book. There will then be a hand over ceremony and photograph taken, a copy of which must be sent to the Keystone Co-ordinator.

The Lodge in possession of the Travelling Keystone at the time of the Annual Provincial Meeting will formally hand over the Keystone to the Provincial Grand Master at the meeting.

At a later part of the proceedings it will be presented to the Mark Lodge with the most members attending the Festive Board. It then starts its travels round the Province for another year. The year starts from the first meeting of the Lodge who receives the Travelling Keystone.

11.The Executive and all Lodge Secretaries will know the whereabouts of the Travelling Keystone at all times.

Keystone Coordinator:
R G Tuthill Esq.
17 Hamsey Green Gardens

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