Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of Surrey

Provincial Downloads

Officer and general downloads

Mark and R.A.M Downloads

Documents for general download

Here you will find useful files for general download as well as documents for Secretaries, Almoners, Treasurers and Auditors.

Some are available just as PDF files, some are also available as Word document files too.

Downloads that are in PDF format require Adobe Reader to be able to open them.

If you do not have Adobe Reader go to the Adobe website where you can download the software free of charge.

General Downloads: Mark 

Mark Toast List (from 18th March 2023)
Mark History
Have You Made Your Mark? (March 2020)

General Downloads: RAM

RAM Toast List (from 18th March 2023)
RAM History

Downloads for Secretaries

Mark Application Form – PDF
PMLS3-M: Mark Lodge Installation Return – PDF | WORD
PMLS1: Change of Address or Status – PDF | WORD
PMLS2: Notification of Resignation –PDF WORD
DISPM: Dispensation for Worshipful Master –PDF

Downloads for Scribes:

RAM Application Form – PDF
FR002: RAM Installation Return – PDF
PMLS3-R: RAM Lodge Installation Return – WORD
DISPC: Dispensation for Commander Elect – PDF

Downloads Treasurer/Auditors

Guidance Notes for Treasurers and Auditors – PDF

Downloads for Almoners

Handbook – PDF

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