Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of Surrey

Joining Surrey Mark  Masons

Demonstrating Strength and Working Together

Surrey Mark Masons

Joining the Mark Degree in Surrey

Membership of the Mark Degree is open to all Master Masons

WHAT will I get out of joining the Mark Degree?

  • Achievement of Fellow Craft Degree culmination.
  • Explore the concrete connection with past operative Masons.
  • Enhancement of Masonic knowledge through advancement.
  • Discover the essence of community charity involvement.
  • Embrace the authentic significance of friendship.
  • And numerous other enriching aspects.

The Mark Degree is Universally acknowledged to be “The Friendly Degree”

There is usually a Mark Lodge holding its meetings in your local Masonic centre in Surrey and you will possibly know a member of the Craft who is also a Mark Mason.

We encourage you to speak to a Mark Lodge member to find out more or complete the form below to enquire about your nearest Mark Lodge.

Surrey Mark Masons

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Join Mark Masonry in Surrey to embrace a rich fraternal tradition.

Experience a profound journey of self-improvement, symbolism, and camaraderie.

Explore ancient rituals and values while forging lifelong connections with fellow Masons.

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