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A deeper look into the Mark Degree

The degree encompasses a single ceremony, an excellent extension of your Masonic knowledge when taken shortly after being raised, although advancement to the Mark degree is possible at any time.

The Mark Degree is a beacon of hope and encouragement, its ritual drawn from Psalm 118, “The stone which the builders rejected has become the headstone of the corner.”

The narrative revolves around the construction of King Solomon’s Temple and the diverse Craftsmen involved, yet its deeper essence invites reflection upon human strengths and vulnerabilities.

Embedded within the Degree are numerous insightful messages, revealing that even the wisest can err, that so-called experts can falter, the seemingly weakest may exhibit unwavering resolve, the seemingly insignificant can shine, and all contribute to the tapestry of Life’s construction.

Interpretation of the Degree’s message is personal, but it emphatically states that no one is beyond redemption, and the potential for distinction is within everyone’s reach.

Lastly, the Degree underscores that among the wisest and most astute builders, only one demonstrated the wisdom needed to assume leadership.

Symbolizing our everyday lives, the hewn Stone mirrors our journey, and its eventual recognition as perfection should guide our behaviour, ultimately rendering us deserving.

To discover the true link between the second and third degrees in Craft Freemasonry

"The enlightening ceremony of Craft Masonry teaches valuable and practical lessons that you can apply to your life."

The lessons are not just theoretical or abstract, but they can be applied to everyday life. For example, the lessons on morality, ethics, and brotherhood can help you to become a better person and to live a more fulfilling life.

"You will also gain a clearer understanding of the terms, phrases, and symbols that you have encountered throughout your journey in Mark Masonry."

The symbols used in the enlightening ceremony are not just decorative, but they have deeper meanings that can help you to understand the lessons that are being taught.

By gaining a clearer understanding of the symbols, you will be able to get more out of the advancement ceremony and your journey in Mark Masonry as a whole.

It is a bridge to other Orders in Masonry

To discover the symbolism and further aid your Masonic knowledge and journey, you must first become a Mark Master Mason. This is because at least four other Masonic orders require Mark Master Mason status for membership. These orders are:

  • The Royal Arch
  • The Order of the Secret Monitor
  • The Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees
  • The Order of the Red Cross of Constantine

The Mark Master degree teaches valuable lessons about the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

These lessons are essential for understanding the symbolism and lessons of the other four orders. By becoming a Mark Master Mason, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Masonic tradition and philosophy, which will prepare you for further advancement in Masonry.

Find out why we are called the friendly degree

Pose the question to any Mark Master Mason about the Mark Degree, and you'll witness an immediate smile followed by an affirmation that it stands as one of the most congenial Masonic Orders.

Brotherly love forms the cornerstone of Mark Masonry, evident in the sincere and heartfelt greetings exchanged among Mark Masons in our Lodge rooms.

While our core message is crucial, it's undeniable that within the realm of Mark Master Masons, genuine friendship flourishes abundantly.

Helping you better to understand the Royal Arch Degree

In 1813, the Antients and Moderns in England merged to form the United Grand Lodge of England. This merger resulted in the specific recognition of only the three Craft degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. The Mark Degree was excluded from this recognition.

This exclusion had a significant impact on Freemasonry in England. Craft Masons who joined other orders before the Mark Degree may have been confused by their symbolism.

The Mark Degree teaches essential background about the history of the construction of the Temple, the importance of the Keystone, and the work of the Overseers.

This information can help Masons to better understand the symbolism of other orders.

In other recognized constitutions, the Mark Degree can be conferred in either Craft Lodges or Royal Arch Chapters.

In fact, in some constitutions, the Mark Degree is an essential prerequisite before exaltation into a Chapter can take place.

This is because the Mark Degree teaches valuable lessons about the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

These lessons are essential for understanding the symbolism and lessons of the Royal Arch degree.

The social side of Mark Masonry

As you would expect from our friendly order, we offer a variety of Masonic, family, and sporting activities for you to enjoy.

Throughout the year, we host a number of provincial events including the annual AGM, usually held in March of each year.

'Bis dat qui cito dat'

The MBF is a registered charity that was founded in 1868 by the Reverend George Raymond Portal, Grand Master of the Mark Degree.

Portal believed that charity should be disbursed quickly and without red tape. He felt that any delay in aiding those in need was wrong and his Latin motto, 'Bis dat qui cito dat' (he gives twice who gives promptly), became the MBF's guiding principle

This means that the MBF believes that it is more important to provide quick assistance to those in need than to spend time on bureaucratic formalities.

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