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Tim Ford

Tim Ford

Tim Ford

Why did you join the Mark Degree

I wanted to understand the deep connection between being a Master Mason and a Royal Arch Mason and I wanted to understand why “the builders degree” was so important to the Freemasons of old and why we should keep that importance alive today.

Has joining the Mark Degree made a difference to your Masonic experience?

Definitely…! My enjoyment of the Fraternity has been immeasurably enhanced. I have met so many wonderful Masons who have been a solid example to me of how best to enjoy the “Masonic Journey”. I have learned a huge amount about myself and others, through the enjoyment found in practising this wonderful degree in Freemasonry

What do you think is the point of the Mark Degree?

The point of the Mark Degree is that it teaches us to “Persevere in the face of adversity”…. that is to keep doing the right thing and you will eventually be rewarded for it. That is a truly powerful lesson to see “acted out” in front of you and to also participate in “acting out”. I have rarely seen a more positive effect on participants of masonic “storytelling” than when they see and participate in the Mark Degree in all its beauty and enjoyment.

What did learn when you joined the Royal Ark Mariners?

I learned how enjoyable one of the oldest stories and masonic orders could be. I think the story contains the valuable lesson of faithfulness when all hope appears lost and despair is overwhelming.

Why is being a Royal Ark Mariner important to you?

Being a Royal Ark Mariner is enormously important to me as I am a member of one of the oldest, if not the original, Masonic Orders currently in existence today. I participate in a story of redemption through faithfulness and enjoy the companionship of many like-minded Freemasons.

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