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Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

Why did you join the Mark Degree

‘Following a discussion with another brother, John Holden, who joined freemasonry one year before me and who is now my best friend and research into the progressive degrees, we both felt the Mark degree and its exploration into the second degree would be interesting.

Has joining the Mark Degree made a difference to your Masonic experience?

Absolutely. It brings a different perspective to Freemasonry.

What do you think is the point of the Mark Degree?

In the third degree of craft, we are told about the overseers, 15 of that superior class….. In Mark, we find out who they really are and who completed the temple after Harim was killed. Otherwise, it does offer another dimension to freemasonry.

What did learn when you joined the Royal Ark Mariners?

I didn’t learn much I already knew until I was in the Commander’s chair. Then I learnt the elevation ceremony and the installation ceremony, a real expression of brotherly love.

Why is being a Royal Ark Mariner important to you?

It adds further to the Masonic experience being removed from Mark and Craft. The installation ceremony also inspired me to write the ‘Patching’ ceremony for the Surrey Widows Sons.

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