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John Woodville

John Woodville

Why did you join the Mark Degree

‘Existing masonic friends who were already members of the Mark degree were incredibly enthusiastic about how friendly a degree it was and how participative and enjoyable the ceremony was. They were right!

Has joining the Mark Degree made a difference to your Masonic experience?

Yes, by widening my knowledge of freemasonry and expanding my circle of friends.

What do you think is the point of the Mark Degree?

Taking a further step in the masonic journey and understanding the link as a natural progression from the Craft 2nd degree. It teaches how to find the way forward when confronted by rejection and adversity. It also links very well with the Royal Arch.

What did learn when you joined the Royal Ark Mariners?

That hard work and patient industry will prevail.

Why is being a Royal Ark Mariner important to you?

It gives yet another insight into the stories of Freemasonry.

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