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Des Franklin

Des Franklin

Des Franklin

Why did you join the Mark Degree?

At the time, I had already joined the Royal Arch but found Chapter quite hard going from a ritual perspective. The ‘old guard’ members of my Chapter didn’t appear to be excited about the order. As usual, I had been approached on many occasions to join the Mark but there appeared to be little substance about what it was, why I should join and where it could lead me on my journey. Most importantly, after my initial disappointment in Chapter, I wanted to join a unit where I didn’t know so many of the ‘old guard’; and somewhere I could relax and be myself and make new friendships.

Has joining the Mark Degree made a difference to your Masonic experience?

Absolutely, without doubt, a huge, emphatic YES. Very early into my Mark experience I felt completely at home, amongst friends, without an ounce of pressure to progress and no condescending remarks about my inexperience. In my opinion, the Mark Order is what I considered Craft Masonry would be / should be like. Mark has added massively to my fraternal feelings as well as my genuine interest in the Solomonic legend. The friendships I’ve made in Craft are great. The friendships I’ve made in Mark are fantastic – friends I’m certain I will retain to my final breath. The Charge after Advancement says it all.

What do you think is the point of the Mark Degree?

Friendship. Not only from the message during the Advancement Ceremony itself (the initial feeling of being isolated, then being brought into the group and celebrated for something you were blissfully unaware of) but from the general atmosphere in the temple, the cheekiness of the players during the ceremony itself, as well as the level behaviour between all Mark Master Masons. A feeling of belonging rather than excluding or ranking (as you get in Craft when junior ranks are asked to ‘retire from the Lodge’).

What did learn when you joined the Royal Ark Mariners?

I’ve often told people I had an epiphany when I joined RAM. I genuinely use the tools and moral guidance of every Masonic order I’ve joined. The W word/message explained in my Elevation ceremony changed my life completely. In my opinion, the analogy of Freemasonry making good men great is exemplified in RAM. I have learned so much about myself and how to be a better person from all my Masonic experiences; none more than that in RAM. The message I received in RAM needs to be promoted to all good men. I wish I’d learned these messages when I was younger. I’d have been less impatient and much quieter!!!

Why is being a Royal Ark Mariner important to you?

I’m disappointed there is no ‘next step’ in RAM as it feels quite finite. However, my Masonic journey would be terribly incomplete without RAM. I think the lessons I’ve learned in RAM have helped me understand and appreciate the connection of all the other orders in Freemasonry. It has helped me make sense of how to progress on my journey. The people I meet in RAM are a select group of guys who have one aim in view; and do not seek to be noticed or rewarded for the good they do (and enthuse).

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