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Dean Stewart

Dean Stewart


Why did you join the Mark Degree?

Two fold really. Firstly, I wanted to expand my friends circle in Freemasonry and secondly to help me to gain a better understanding of Royal Arch Freemasonry. I felt there was something missing and Mark Masonry is helping to solve that puzzle.

Has joining the Mark Degree made a difference to your Masonic experience?

Without a doubt! I enjoy every aspect of my Freemasonry from meetings to learning, the dining experience and the chance to meet with people that perhaps, would not happen in my ‘normal’ life. I had already heard that Mark Masonry was the fun degree so had to find out for myself. It certainly did not disappoint!

What do you think is the point of the Mark Degree?

I recall the day I was advanced in Mark Masonry. A peculiar feeling during the ceremony highlighted the feeling of keep trying and you will win no matter what life throws your way. The Mark degree is one of trials and tribulations and puts you to the test. However, a good true and honest man will always triumph!

What did learn when you joined the Royal Ark Mariners?

I have to be honest. I am very new to R.A.M and still finding my way. Learning about this beautiful degree has given me a different insight into Freemasonry as a whole. There is so much to explore, to learn, and to embrace new challenges. 

Why is being a Royal Ark Mariner important to you?

Being a Royal Ark Mariner is an essential part of my journey in Freemasonry. Craft Freemasonry teaches us to be kind to each other and useful to our communities. Through the story of this degree, it strengthens that idea, to encourage us to be of benefit and helpful to all.

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